• Full programme and speaker line-up announced for 7th annual UK E-Cigarette Summit on Thursday 14th November 2019 at The Royal Society, London

The UK approach to tobacco harm reduction – the pillars that guide regulation and policy

14:05 - 14:20

The UK’s approach to tobacco harm reduction is based on a number of important pillars relating to science and policy. The priority is to support adult smokers to quit while protecting non-smokers and particularly children from any unintended consequences related to vaping products being available on the market. In order to achieve this, the first pillar is research and surveillance to ensure we have adequate, robust and transparent information about the products, health effects, patterns of use and changes in any of these through time. Proportionate regulation is the second pillar, focusing on safety but also access for groups who need the products and those for whom access needs to be restricted. The third is communication with the public and professionals to ensure accurate information is conveyed about risks and benefits. The relationship between these three elements is poorly understood and subject to challenge, particularly in an international context. This presentation will review why each is important, what is working and what can be improved in the UK, with lessons for other jurisdictions.


  • Prof Linda Bauld Bruce and John Usher Professor of Public Health - The University of Edinburgh

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