• Full programme and speaker line-up announced for 7th annual UK E-Cigarette Summit on Thursday 14th November 2019 at The Royal Society, London

Do e-cigarettes and “dual use” undermine quitting

11:40 - 11:55

Concerns have been raised that the widespread availability and popularity of e-cigarettes may undermine smokers’ desire to quit. In this talk, I will discuss the evidence around these concerns, exploring (i) whether e-cigarettes are ‘renormalising’ smoking in public places, thus undoing some of the progress that has been achieved by Smokefree legislation, and (ii) whether dual use of e-cigarettes and tobacco perpetuates nicotine addiction, making smokers who vape less likely to try to quit.


  • Dr Sarah Jackson Senior Research Fellow - Dep't of Behavioural Science & Health, University College London

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