• The 7th annual UK E-Cigarette Summit will take place on Thursday 14th November 2019 at The Royal Society, London

Vaping products regulated as medicines – how useful and appealing… for smokers and manufacturers?

14:15 - 14:35

Smokers are extremely diverse and product / flavour diversity is essential to meet their varying needs when they are looking to switch to vaping. Smokers walking into a vape shop for the first time do not consider themselves ill or needing treatment – they want an enjoyable alternative to cigarettes. And yet there would be benefits for having some medicinally regulated products – for GPs, NHS Stop Smoking Services and in hospitals. There are many lessons here to be learned from the NRT experience in the UK. There are obvious challenges inherent to the medicinal regulatory route, but there are also some less obvious challenges. Furthermore, the UK regulatory framework is unique in ways that mean the model here is not transferable to other countries.


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