• Full programme and speaker line-up announced for 7th annual UK E-Cigarette Summit on Thursday 14th November 2019 at The Royal Society, London

Welcome to The E-Cigarette Summit 2019

The seventh annual UK E-Cigarette Summit will take place on Thursday 14th November at The Royal Society in London.  The Summit is now at full capacity but is operating a waiting list – please click here to join the waiting list.

Since the inaugural meeting in November 2013, The E-Cigarette Summit has been at the forefront of taking forward the scientific and public health discussions around e-cigarettes and broader harm reduction debates. In 2013, the conversation was UK centric as the public health and policy communities sought to find an appropriate regulatory system for e-cigarettes that would reflect the opportunities for smokers without ignoring potential harms.  In the intervening years, the UK has emerged as an active proponent for tobacco harm reduction alongside stringent tobacco control measures and now seven years on the Summit welcomes  scientists, public health professionals and policy makers from around the world who are looking to establish their own regulatory framework in the face of new nicotine products.

There’s no doubt that the global dialogue during the course of 2019 surrounding Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) and specifically e-cigarettes has become increasingly fraught.  The emergence of serious and tragic lung injuries cases reported across America, in otherwise healthy young people, has understandably intensified what has always been an emotional and divisive debate.  The fact that neither the UK nor any other European country has reported similar cases indicates that the products responsible would be illegal under any regulatory regime.  However the impact on global Governmental actions and public confidence in vaping has already been significant. During this time of global uncertainty around the benefits and risks of e-cigarettes and reduced risk products a sober analysis of THR in all of its ramifications has perhaps never been more necessary.

The E-Cigarette Summit has a single aim of facilitating respectful dialogue and thoughtful analysis of the latest research and to discuss how the evidence should be interpreted and communicated to deliver the most effective health strategies to reduce smoking related death and disease.

What questions will be explored?

The E-Cigarette Summit will include high level briefings from experts and encourages interaction through panel debates and open floor discussions.  Questions will be explored in a balanced and objective environment allowing attendees to build their knowledge and share their viewpoints. The E-Cigarette Summit will explore the latest research and evidence on the following areas:

  • The US lung injuries crisis and what could this mean for THR and vaping in the US and global ramifications
  • The scientific underpinning of UK policy on THR in context of an evolving evidence base
  • International tobacco control policies and the global impact on different country approaches to THR
  • Global challenges for Tobacco Control and THR. Why are LMIC countries typically favouring restrictive policies toward e-cigarettes?
  • Improving the quality of e-cigarette research – identifying the problems and solutions
  • Scientific evidence on vaping, lipoid pneumonia and lung health – What are the causes and likely relevance for policy and regulation
  • E-cigarette use and cardio vascular disease, understanding population studies and the associations.
  • Do e-cigarettes and “dual use” undermine quitting
  • E-cigarettes, smoking cessation and smoking initiation – current evidence.
  • Do e-cigarettes reduce harm in smokers?
  • The future direction of e-cigarette policy and regulation in England
  • Regulation and product standards – current controversies for the vape industry
  • The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World – An independent two year analysis
  • The precautionary principle and e-cigarette regulation – how are we doing?
  • Children and adolescents’’ perception and use of e-cigarettes – recent trends for youth in the UK
  • Long term smoking relapse prevention – understanding trajectories of e-cigarette use
  • Widening access to e-cigarettes for people with mental health and/or substance use problems
  • Science, compassion, health and human rights – could this be a 21st Century drug war in the
  • making?

Who should attend?

In particular, this event will be relevant to:

  • Regulators and policy advisors
  • Scientific/research community
  • Smoking cessation practitioners/services
  • Health charities and health campaigners
  • Public health professionals and academics
  • Medical professionals
  • Industry stakeholders

The Summit independently provides hosted places for vapers and individuals without funding to attend, but are important stakeholders in the harm reduction debate .  These places are discretionary and are considered on a case by case basis.  If you would like to find out more please contact us.