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Fraser Cropper

MD - Totally Wicked
Chair of IBVTA (Independent British Vape Trade Association)

Fraser Cropper is the Chair of IBVTA ( The Independent British Vape Trade Association) and Managing Director of Totally Wicked.

Founded by some of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers, importers, distributors, and vendors, IBVTA is a not-for-profit trade association representing all responsible and ethical independent vaping businesses in the UK irrespective of the size of their companies and operations.  All IBVTA members are free from any control or ownership by the tobacco or pharmaceutical industries.

Based in the heart of Westminster, IBVTA is supported by a dedicated secretariat and a science and regulatory committee made up of engineers, chemists, and pharmacists.

The mission of IBVTA is to provide credible knowledge and guidance to support the independent vaping sector and promote constructive interaction between this industry sector and the scientific community, vapers, policy makers, and the general public. IBVTA fosters research and manufacturing excellence in order to deliver a robust yet proportionate consumer regulatory landscape that adequately reflects the needs of vaping stakeholders and recognises vaping as a sector in its own right.

Before working in industry Fraser served as a Commander in the Royal Navy. A Chartered Aeronautical Engineer, he spent 28 years in the navy serving in numerous operational, research and procurement roles.

Fraser Cropper will be speaking at:

Panel Discussion and Q&A: Will regulation support or stifle the disruptive potential that e-cigarettes pose to the tobacco industry and smoking?

- 15:00 - 15:20

The Independent Industry’s Role in Delivering Vaping’s Full Potential

- 14:30 - 14:45

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