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Dr Lynne Dawkins

Associate Professor of Psychology
School of Applied Sciences, London South Bank University

Dr Lynne Dawkins completed her PhD in 2001 and postdoctoral studies in 2006 in the School of Psychology at Goldsmiths College, London. She then took up a Senior Lectureship, and later, a Readership, in Psychology at the University of East London where she co-ordinated the Drugs and Addictive Behaviours Research Group.  She moved to London South Bank University as an Associate Professor in Addictions in February 2016.  Dr Dawkins has been conducting research in nicotine addiction and smoking cessation for nearly 20 years, focusing on acute, chronic and abstinence effects of nicotine on craving, cognition and reward motivation.  Since 2009, she has focused on electronic cigarette research and has become one of the UK’s leading authorities on e-cigarettes. She has published extensively on e-cigarette use and nicotine delivery and disseminated her findings widely via academic conferences, public lectures and online media.  She is a HEA Fellow, member of the Society for Nicotine and Tobacco Research, British Association of Psychophamacology, British Psychological Association and an Assistant Editor for the international journal Addition.

Stated Conflict of Interest:

LD has previously conducted research funded by e-cigarette companies and received honoraria for speaking at research conferences. She has no financial or non-financial interests in the e-cigarette industry. She has also acted as a consultant for the  pharmaceutical industry.  She has never received funding from the tobacco industry.

Dr Lynne Dawkins will be speaking at:

Nicotine delivery and e-cigarette puffing behaviour

- 11:05 - 11:20

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