• The 5th annual E-Cigarette Summit will take place on Friday 17th November at The Royal Society, London
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Vaping and Inequalities: Turning Lives Around

16:10 - 16:25

Louise Ross, Stop Smoking Service Manager for Leicester City Council, talks about the impact that switching to vaping can have on some of the most vulnerable people in the city.  The rules about what stop smoking services can and can’t do remain unclear, but Leicester has shown that not waiting for clarity can change people’s lives within weeks

  • Access to information on e-cigarettes is harder for disadvantaged groups can the stop smoking services bridge this gap
  • E-cigarettes address more than just nicotine dependence and can break the social and cultural ties of smoking behaviour
  • Keeping the pleasure and losing the harm – how treating smoking as a disease doesn’t suit everyone
  • One size does not fit all, how stop smoking services can combine a full spectrum of choices


  • Louise Ross Stop Smoking Service Manager - Leicester City Council

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