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Population Impact of the growth of e-cigarettes use on smoking and smoking cessation in England

09:05 - 09:20

Probably the most important public health research question relating to e-cigarettes is what has been their impact on smoking prevalence and factors that contribute to this: smoking uptake and smoking cessation. This presentation summarises findings from a direct test of hypotheses concerning how changes in prevalence of e-cigarette use have impacted on key smoking cessation activities and outcomes, and smoking prevalence. It uses data from the Smoking Toolkit Study, a series of monthly household surveys of representative samples of the population of England aged 16+ years and time series analyses to assess how far changes in prevalence of use of e-cigarettes while smoking and in quit attempts are associated with changes in quit success rates, quit attempts, use of other aids to quitting such as the stop-smoking services, and smoking prevalence


  • Professor Robert West Professor of Health Psychology & Director of Tobacco Studies - University College London (UCL)

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