• The 5th annual E-Cigarette Summit will take place on Friday 17th November at The Royal Society, London
  • Registration for the E-Cigarette Summit 2017 is now open

Panel Discussion and Q&A – Communicating Research & Evidence, How do you convey the relative risks of smoking and e-cigarettes based on what is currently known about them?

10:25 - 10:45

  • Are experts communicating this appropriately and/or effectively and are there ethical questions?
  • How should experts address the invocation of “gateway effects” in policy debates and in the media?
  • How can experts engage more constructively with media reporting on e-cigarette science?
  • Should e-cigarettes be viewed and judged as a “cessation product” or does this distort the picture?
  • Measuring and reporting e-cigarette efficacy – are we asking the right questions?


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