• The 5th annual E-Cigarette Summit will take place on Friday 17th November at The Royal Society, London
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PPT Presentations

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Evidence & Research

 Safety & Health Effects

Industry & Regulation

Public Health Policy

8.55-Prof. Ann-Mcneill 11.05-Prof. Lynne-Dawkins  13.45-Tim-Phillips 15.40-Martin-Dockrell
 9.05-Prof. Robert-West  11.20-Prof. Marcus-Munafo  13. 55-Alette-Addison  155.5-Prof. L-Bauld
 9.20-Prof. Peter-Hajek  1135-Prof. Neal-L-Benowitz  14.05-Robert-Morrison  16. 10-Louise-Ross
 9.35-Prof. JF-Etter  11.55-Prof. K-Farsalinos  14.15-Beryl-Keeley  16.25-Deborah-Arnott
 9.50-Ram-Moorthy  12. 15-Prof. R-Polosa  14.30-Fraser-Cropper  16.40-Prof. David-Abrams
 10.05-Alex-Freeman    1445-Prof. Scott-Leischow  Keynote -AG Tom Miller


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